Welcome to FHAA Tee-Ball!
There is no draft for tee-ball. You will hear from your coach no later than one week before opening day.

Volunteer Fee - 
Tee-ball is free. There is however a $75 refundable volunteer fee. After 5 hours of volunteering (concession stand, field maintenance, league event, etc) your $75 will be returned. 

Practice Information - 
Practices are up to coaches (if you have a scheduling conflict, please include this in your registration)

Games - 
Games are scheduled one weeknight and Saturday mornings.

Opening Day -
Saturday, April 4, at 9 am

Required Equipment for Practice and Game Days -
Helmet (few are supplied to each team)
Tee-Ball Bat (few are supplied to each team)
Baseball Pants (coach will let you know what color) or Sweatpants
Baseball Glove
Bat Bag 

Important Information -
Game shirt and hat will be provided and are required to be worn on game days.

Parents are not permitted on the field or dugout unless the head coach has authorized them to do so and clearances are on file. 

Cancellations will be communicated by the head coach.